The world of commerce is today extremely complex, but one thing has not changed – that is the fact that marketing is still one of the most components of business success. Says James from Billet SEO.

Marketing is one of the most complex silos of any business – it is extremely multifaceted and requires specialist skills that are in short supply – qualified and successful marketing people are in short supply.

These professionals are also extremely costly to retain – which is why is why most successful organizations choose to outsource their marketing function.

Marketing agencies fulfill all the requirements for those companies that want to dominate their markets. They supply services that include identification of market and consumer demographics and the sales cycles that will provide a funnel of new customers and enable the organization to retain their existing clients.

These may seem like simple tasks – however the market is today extremely complex. The advent of the Internet has had a tremendously disruptive influence on traditional ways of reaching consumers and ensuring their loyalty to brands.

Today it is entirely possible for a nimble startup to steal market share through the intelligent use of the social media. Many traditional organizations find it extremely difficult to fend off this sort of competition.

A Tucson SEO marketing agency will provide professionals well versed in above the line, below the line and through the line tactics to position brands, services and products.

In addition they will also provide a social media and online strategy to give any company the advantage over those smaller, tech savvy competitors that are are willing to go the extra mile to take market share and dominate segments of established markets.

A marketing company company is not a luxury – it is a necessity. Those organizations that ignore this reality are setting themselves up for failure in an increasingly competitive business environment.

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